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Okay, just realized it has been over a year since I last posted -- that is insane!
Life has gotten crazy since the birth of the twins --- busy, busy, busy!
But I am BACK!
Will post more soon....lets just state that all is well -- twins are 19 months old, oldest just had his 9th birthday!   Still married to my hubby....

missed you all....

I am BACK....

I forgot my username and password and could not log in at all forever!   I felt so lost - I wanted to come in so badly and see how everyone was doing and I felt like someone on a locked door. :(

Okay so I remembered it now and I am back --- but on my way out the door....will update you all tonight.   There is so much to tell you....so much has happened!
Babies are now just over 7 months old!!

Missed you all!!


Does anyone out there have meal ideas for truckers??
I am having a hard time coming up with meal ideas for my husband while he is on the road.  
He has a microwave and a fridge.  He is usually gone for 10-14 days at a time.

Any help would be GREAT!

anyone with some creativity!!!! HELP

OKAY, so a friend of mine is pregnant...and wants to announce it to her parents as their gift on Christmas Day.   But she wants to do this in a creative way.   They already have 1 child, who is 1 year old.    But her parents so badly want more Grandchilren.

Does anyone have any creative ways to "gift" this news to her parents??


I am on the hunt for the "Dust Bunnies" from big comfy couch.  Does anyone know how I can get a hold of a set of these?   Especially in time for Christmas??
It is silly - but my husband LOVES them....and I have heard that they have released a stuffed animal of them in 1995.   But I can't find them in Canada.

Any help would be wonderful.

Weekend of Scrapbooking

I just got back last night from a weekend without the kids to scrapbook!  It was wonderful!!!  It started at 10am on Saturday morning and ended at 4pm Sunday night.   My roommate and I went back to our hotel bedroom around 12:15am - and then started scrapping again around 8:30am!
I got 18 pages done!!!   Plus, I had a night of unbroken sleep!!!!!

Hi.  I am still around everyone.  We went on vacation for 2 weeks to Nova Scotia to see my family and friends.  I was born and raised in Nova Scotia, until I moved away for school at 19.  Then married and live in Ontario.   It was great to be home for a visit.
Will update soon with pictures and stories...just thought I would apologize for not writing.

Potty Training...

Okay..Travis is now almost 2 years old.  Turns 2 on May 8th.   He has been removing his diapers whenever they are dirty or wet, and then peeing in his pants.  He has even mastered the removal of the diaper - can do it with overalls on, or one piece PJ's , and he doesn't remove his clothes - JUST the diaper!  :(
So, we went out and purchased a potty chair today!   Help!!
I can't remember how I trained my oldest...I am having a complete lack of brain day!   what do I do now?  I have the chair...I have shown him the chair, and got him to sit on it several times today, with success.   He peed 3 times in the potty chair....and then once on the floor, and once in his playpen (just in it while I ran to empty the potty)....and that was all within 30 minutes!!


BTW, I am VERY excited about the fact that he peed 3 times in the potty and we made a HUGE deal about it.  We even bought that potty that sings when you pee and he LOVES hearing it sing.


Last night we had a snow storm....crazy!   I just spent 1 1/2 hrs outside shovelling snow, only to get 1/2 way down...but then my amazing neighbour came around with his snowblower and finished everyone's driveway...what a SWEET man!! :)

I think I am going to take a bottle of wine over to him in a moment to say thank you!! :)

Anyhow...here is the view from my front door....


Okay, venting time...this is one of my biggest petpeeves.   I was on kijiji.com (local classified site) and I am so amazed at the amount of people selling animals.  I am not talking about puppies that were just born, I am talking about 2-4 year old animals.   
The saddest one is someone is giving away their pregnant cat - this cat is going into labor in the next 2 weeks, and they are giving the cat away now.   They can't atleast wait 2-3 weeks until the poor kittens are born??
Then there is someone that has a 4 year old dog and they are moving, so they are selling their dog!!  Come on...what kind of reason is that??

To me it would be the same if I sold my child cause I was moving!  When you adopt a pet, you are taking responsibility for that animal and they should be part of your family!!  It just makes me so angry to see people giving up their pets for such stupid reasons and especially not even thinking about how the animal is feeling - I mean a PREGNANT CAT!!

oKAY...DONE venting....thanks for listening....

Luke 8:37

I am puzzled by this verse...why did the Gerasenes ask Jesus to leave?  I mean, I understand it was overwhelming what took place, but this was far from the first miracle that Jesus proformed, why did they react so strongly in this one?  In all other circumstances, Jesus was asked to stay forever basically, and in this one, they wanted him gone away from them.
I am trying to understand the rejections that were made to Jesus throughout Luke, and this one is puzzling me.

About to get lonely...

My hubby is about to leave tomorrow afternoon to California :(    Incase someone doesn't know, my hubby is a long-haul trucker.  He is usually gone for 7-10 days at a time, but it looks like he will be gone for 2-3 weeks this time. :(   It is so hard when he leaves for such a long period of time.   

On the good note, for my birthday (Friday, Feb, 2), he got me a wireless mouse, and a Goodlife Gym membership (my suggestion, not his). :)   Looks like we will be celebrating my birthday at the end of the month. 

I am so proud of him and the work he does, but man, being a trucker's wife is really hard at times.  


Gee...just seems like you can't trust anyone lately...seriously! I just wish that people would be who they say they are, and that you can believe people for what they saw to be true.
I have decided that I will believe only what I can prove to be true!!

My Christmas LIST.....

We finally have SNOW!! :)

What I want for Christmas...

1. Gift certificates to Ponderosa - my husband is a trucker, and we tend to drive to New York or Buffalo on weekends off to go to Ponderosa (we are Canadian's and I must admit Ponderosa in the states is so much better!)
2. Receipes that for meals to make for the husband while on the road (long haul trucker that likes quick easy to eat meals)
3. Gas money or plane money to fly to Nova Scotia to see my best friend...she had a baby 6 months ago (she lives in South Africa but is visiting her family for 2 months in Nova Scotia)
4. penpals...I love getting emails and I check and reply everyday!
5. a good, honest, work at home type job. Something to do with typing or something like that.
6. Mmmm....a second hand, older truck/car for my husband to get back and forth to work in the winter (I hate winter driving and his work yard is 20 minutes from our house and I need to take him and pick him up when he goes on his trips)
7. Anything Rachael Ray - Cookbooks or magazines with receipes or copies of her receipes.

That's all....email me for my address if you can help me at all :)
Merry Chistmas or Happy Holiday (whichever is less offensive to the given person)


Christmas is coming.  I just love Christmas!  It is only November 14th, and I already have my Christmas tree up and decorated. :)   I am so excited about Christmas this year.  This is the first year that I am having Christmas at my home...we always travel for Christmas.  I am starting to do some baking to freeze and buy some food to get ready for Christmas.    Ham, Turkey, biscuits, sweets, and whatever else I can decide to make.  I am having a very WONDERFUL Christmas this year!!!  This will be a Christmas to remember!!  Our first Christmas in our FIRST home!

Kalen's big birthday bash!!

I still can't believe I am doing this...am I nuts?? LOL. Kalen only turns 5 once, and I should do something special for him, after all...he is a big boy now!! :)
So far 7 people out of the 20 invites have RSVPed...I am preparing for the 20 anyhow since many parents forget to RSVP. :( Man, that is so frustrating. Do I prepare 20 loot bags if 7 people come???

So, I am in the middle of organzing the house for the party and keep getting distracted by ANYTHING. I want this done, but I shouldn't have left it till the last minute. I do work well under pressure, not this is just plan mean to myself. :P

So, Halloween Costume party for kids! We are having Rice Krispe spiders, and Halloween cupcakes (tons of yummy candies for the kids to decorate their cupcakes - worms, chocolate rocks, crushed up teddy bear cookies for "dirt") Yummy!! Then we have mommy dogs, and potato chips...and of course ICE CREAM! We have a clown coming for an hour...that should be entertaining for them. Plus if necesssary we have several movies to watch.

I have the playroom totally organized so that there is room to have fun in there...and I will set up a craft table for the kids. :)

I am so excited!!!


How do we measure the important things in our lives?  Where do we set our values?  That is something that I have been thinking a lot about lately.   Values and importance in life.  Family, kids, money, job, house, etc.   I would give up anything to have my family always together.  I would live on the street in a cardboard box if it meant that my Dad was still alive and well.    I would sacfice anything to always be with my kids and my husband, and keep them happy and safe.   I promised my Dad on his dying bed that I would always protect my Mom and keep her safe, and I intend to always do that.  

Events around me have really caused me to stop and think about life and the importance of it.  My Dad's best friend, Dane had a severe heart attack a few days ago, and was rushed off to the hospital to have a bipass operation.  His wife sat and waited to hear the news about her husband.  She felt that he was "going to Heaven to see Dan" and that she was losing her husband.   Here is a woman that has been married for about 25-30 years and been through a great deal with her husband and  she sitting waiting to see if he would survive his surgury, scared that she might loss him forever.   She was talking with my Mom trying to decide what she would do if she lost him...how would she survive....with the small amount of life insurance they have, how would  she pay her bills...how would she live without her "other half."      A good note so far he is doing fine, and has made it through the operation, now they just have to monitor him for a few days, and then they have to really look at changing their lifestyles.

Then I look at my Mom, she is doing just that...living her life after losing her other half.   My Mom met an amazing man 7 years ago that was everything she needed, he treated her well, and was an amazing husband to her.   Only to lose him way too soon to cancer.

Then I look around at this world at people fighting and getting divorces.   Saying that they wish their ex would "just dissappear"  or "I wouldn't shed a tear if he or she died tomorrow."   How can you make vows to someone one day, and then wish them gone so soon afterwards.   How can we switch from loving one person, to completely hating them and loving another??   How can we turn our backs on our friends and neighbours just because they upset us, and don't return our favorite tool (or other item) fast enough?? 

Sometimes I think maybe I am just nieve, but when it comes to society now, I am glad that I am.   I want to have a marriage like in the 1800's....you were married for life, and divorce was not an option.   You worked hard at relationships, and you put your family and friends above all others.    A small 1 or 2 room log cabin in the woods was all the required to raise a large family.  Noone tried to "bet the Jones."   Family was important and trusted.   In times of trouble you knew exactly were to turn.

So, I guess what I am saying is that I really thinkas a society we all need to think long and hard about our values...who or what is important to us?  Do we have a price?  Can our values be shaken?

Bits and Pieces....

I am reminded today of a poem that I once received as a kid, it was called "Bits and Pieces" it explained how we are all bits and pieces of the people we come into contact with.

Bits and Pieces

Bits and pieces, bits and pieces. People. People important to you, People unimportant to you cross your life, touch it with love and move on. There are people who leave you and you breathe a sigh of relief and wonder why you ever came into contact with them. There are people who leave you, and you breathe a sigh of remorse and wonder why they had to go and leave such a gaping hole. Children leave parents, friends leave friends. Acquaintances move on. People change homes. People grow apart. Enemies hate and move on. Friends love and move on. You think of the many people who have moved in and out of your hazy memory. You look at those present and wonder. I believe in god's master plan in lives. He moves people in and out of each other's lives, and each leaves his mark on the other. You find you are made up of bits and pieces of all who have ever touched your life. You are more because of them, and would be less if they had not touched you. Pray that you accept the bits and pieces in humility and wonder, and never question and never regret's. Bit's and pieces, bits and pieces.

So, lets remember that we each leave our mark on the other. Try to make your mark count!!

Off to sign the final documents...

Okay, I am off to pick up my husband from work and then going to sign the final papers for the house! Yeah. It will be ours as of August 31st at 6pm! I have never been so excited before!! Yeah!


The sellers with the house came back and said "we will not lower the price, and will honor it until Friday, BUT if we (the buyers) don't accept it, they are removing it from the market" They haven't been able to find what they want for the price that this house is selling and they think they made a rash decision by putting it on the market.
Now what do we do...I want the house so badly, but is it out of our means??? I don't think it is and I have always put my rent first regardless where I lived (right Oiishe or Pernocte - when I rented from you, my rent was always paid regardless of the circumstances). It isn't like we can even wait on the house and hope that it comes down in price, cause it won't...it will go off the market. :(

I am so frustrated...and disappointed and angry....you know, one of those mixed feelings type of days!

No house....

Well, we didn't get the house. We went up by $5,000 but they won't move at all. They still want the $10,000 more then our original offer. We have decided that we can't go that high, with the other costs of purchasing a house, that is just higher then we can swing.
So, I am disappointed.

Here we try again...

We have just made another offer of $5,000 more then we wanted to spend. It is such a big move but I really like the house and think we can all be really happy there.
I just think sometimes that it is all too much, I mean, we are finally in a spot that we can pay off our debts and get somewhere and now we are buying a house and getting into more debt...wow! What if something goes wrong, I doubt it will...but life works that way. Just when you think that things are going well, bam! Something happens. I guess I am just scared, this is a huge move...I want to do it, but it is scary.

We have decided that if they don't accept this offer, they we are finished with this house. We will look for something different.

waiting game...

Okay, so now we have to continue waiting for the realtors and sellers to discuss things and hopefully we hear soon. I am the worst person for waiting, it drives me CRAZY! I love this house and want it so badly.


Putting offer in on house...and asking for ownership as of August 31st!! Wow!! I am so excited.


Well, another morning is here. I am getting up and ready to face another day with my kids. My husband is off at work again...dropped him off last night. He does a great job and I am proud of him, but it is hard dropping him off knowing that he won't be home for a few days. Think I worried him last night cause I had tears in my eyes when he got out of the van to head towards the truck. I will be okay, but this will take some getting use to.
My oldest is finding it hard cause Daddy is always "in his truck so far away" and he was use to Daddy being home all the time. Not sure how I am going to deal with that, maybe time will just make him accept Daddy's job more. Eventually he can go with his Dad on the road, which will be a great deal of fun for him.

Suppose to sign the papers to put an offer on our new house...man that is so exciting!
Waiting to hear from the Realtor as he is sorting out $ and stuff before he comes see us. The house is beautiful!!

Can't believe I am about to own a house, in the last 6 years I have really grown in our life. Friend said "how can you be getting a house, just a few years ago you were on welfare, and then EI?" Well, I got pregnant fast in our relationship, went on Mother Allowance for 18 months cause I lost my job (contract work, and they felt I couldn't continue with a small child, so decided not to renew my contract), husband lost his job shortly before becoming pregnant, went back to school. Husband work different jobs (computer tech., walmart, etc) to make ends meet. Then husband went on EI. But he finally decided that he wanted to get his life going somewhere as so did I. He applied for trucker's school, and now has an amazing job making good money. Now we are paying off our debts and buying a house!! I am so excited about the fact that our lives are finally take a turn for the good. Had enough of scraping by and getting nowhere fast.

Home owning

Well, I am about to venture into a new place in my life...home ownership. I have just decided on a house for me and my family that I am quite excited about. Can't believe I am getting excited about going into $200,000 in debt! Wow, and I thought Student Loans were big!
I am happily married with 2 small children and enjoying everything about them all. My husband has a great job driving truck so he isn't home alot...still not certain what I feel about all that...kinda like being a single parent, but having a commitment all at the same time. But I don't want to make my husband feel guilty, cause he is making good money and I am so proud of him...he will never understand how proud I truly am of him.
Now I have to decide what I want to do....I could stay home and just raise my kids or start working outside the house again, or look for in the house options. Lots of thinking to do.
Well, my son (baby) is having a temper tartum, so I gotta run for now.